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About Curly Life and Me.

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Curly Life. Live your best life on purpose

There are big moments and small moments, but never insignificant moments. My name is Lisa Kelly, and my blog is about living your best life on purpose.


Our lives are a collection of choices, some good, some not so good. Perfection isn’t the goal. Trying new things, learning, and discovering one’s passion, and going all out for it, is.


I hope you will find inspiration, courage to do the things YOU want to do, and even learn from my failures as much as from my successes. I promise this blog will be about authenticity, not perfect “Instagram moments.”

Hello, I’m Lisa Kelly

I’m like you- I’m not a hair stylist.  I did not grow up with the money to go to fancy salons.  I have curly hair that has a mind of its own.  It doesn’t curl evenly, or consistently.  It goes from fabulous to disastrous in, oh, about 15 minutes in the wrong weather and with the wrong products.   I don’t want to feel my hair is something that holds me back …..when it should feel like an asset. But I don’t have time to finger style and air dry.  I don’t want to have to sacrifice looking good if I want to swim, run, walk on the beach, or just need to get out the door -for anything- in under an hour.  So, I started figuring out some simple techniques. 

If you have curly hair, you already have some tried and true techniques.  It’s survival!  I hope you find my Curly-styler and Curly-styler gel a great addition to them.  They help me get my hair looking the way I want on most days .  And let’s face it- every once in a while, those curls are going to show you who’s the boss.

Live Curly!